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Brad R. Lindsey, PhD
Personal Biography         (see
Brad's CV here)

A native of Throckmorton, Texas, Brad attended Texas A&M University and received a
Bachelor of Science in Agricultural Economics (1982) and a Masters of Agriculture in
Animal Science (1984) with a specialty in Equine Reproduction.

Afterward, helped start the former Granada Corporation's Equine Services Division &
Reproductive Laboratory in 1984. That operation still exists as
Granada Farms. After 5
years performing ultrasound, AI, ET, and semen collection in horses, Brad transferred
to Granada’s Genetics Division, where he changed his focus to bovine reproduction.
His duties there included collection and transfer, freezing and thawing, and splitting
and biopsy of bovine embryos, and early pregnancy detection and fetal sexing with
ultrasound. While serving as the production lab supervisor, he trained numerous
technicians and DVM’s in clinical embryology. In 1991, Brad helped integrate IVF
technology into the Genetics Division and was involved in designing one of the first
trans-vaginal ultrasound probes with
Aloka Ultrasound for bovine oocyte recovery.
This allowed Granada to become the first company in the USA to commercialize the in
vitro production of bovine embryos.  

In 1992, after Granada went out of business, Brad was hired by
Trans Ova Genetics in Sioux Center, Iowa, to start and direct their commercial IVF
services division. He also helped TOG implement other commercial services
integrating techniques such as ultrasound fetal sexing, embryo splitting, embryo
biopsy for gender determination, and dominant ovarian follicle removal prior to ET.

In 1994, Lindsey decided to pursue his PhD under the direction of Dr. Jim Kinder at
Department of Animal Science at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. His
research focus was endocrine regulation of dominant, persistent, and superovulatory
ovarian follicles, and regulation of FSH release in beef cattle. In 1997, Brad went to
Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia where he performed collaborative research
projects under the direction of Dr. Michael D'Occhio at the Tropical Beef Centre. His
research focus there involved the use of the GnRH agonist, deslorelin, to evaluate LH
requirements of bovine oocytes in gonadotropin stimulated cattle.

Dr. Lindsey completed his PhD in 1998 and was hired as General Manager for Stroud
Veterinary Embryo Services in Weatherford, TX, under the direction of Dr. Brad Stroud,
a pioneer in bovine ET and IVF.  

In early 2000, Lindsey accepted a position as Senior Scientist and Technical Director
for AB Technology, Inc. in Pullman, WA, where he was relied upon for technical
service & support, consulting, and R&D. AB Technology (now a part of
Animal Health) is a leader in the development and distribution of products used in the
ET industry.  While there, Brad was an Adjunct Professor in the
Animal Science
Department at Washington State University in Pullman and a member of the
Center of Reproductive Biology, as an advisor to graduate students and
providing support for reproductive research.

In July 2002, Brad was hired by
Minitube of America, Verona, Wisconsin, in a newly
created position as their Director of Embryo Technology, where he led R&D efforts in
bovine, equine, and porcine embryo transfer, IVF, and other advanced reproductive
technologies. He also provided technical support and input on the design and
construction of their new
International Center for Biotechnology in Mt. Horeb and as
a consultant to private companies like Vitae, conducting research projects on their
microfluidic technology for in vitro embryo production and manipulation. During this
time, he was also an Adjunct Professor in the
Animal Science Department at the
University of Wisconsin in Madison.

In October 2004, Brad was contracted to work for
Genetic Resources International,
as Director of Female Reproductive Services. His primary focus there was to integrate
the use of fresh and frozen sex-sorted sperm from their sister company,
Sexing Technologies, into ET and IVF services.

In August 2005, Brad started Rex Consulting in an effort to continue providing
technical support for animal producers, biotechnology companies, and ET firms
(such as OvaGenix, LP)  in conducting commercial services and research projects
using advanced bovine reproductive biotechnologies. He also provides custom ET
and ultrasound services and specialized training courses to clients and other ET
practitioners and businesses.

Brad maintains active membership and participation in the
American Embryo
Transfer Association and the International Embryo Transfer Society. He and his
family live in Midway, Texas, near Madisonville, where they are active in the community.