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Ovitra began offering cloning services over a year ago on a trial
basis through one of Dr. Lindsey's former employers,
Minitube of
America. Our relationship has continued to grow and these
services are being enhanced to bring our customers the latest
technology with optimal results, but at affordable prices. Unlike
other cloning services, there are no royalties to be paid, once
live animals are born.

How does this service work?

First, a tissue sample needs to be collected (an ear notch) and
from it, a cell-line is established from which cloned embryos will
be produced at a later time. This process usually take 2 - 3 weeks.
It is important to
Contact Us immediately to schedule the tissue
collection. Dr. Lindsey himself will collect the sample and send it
to the lab. The cost to collect, establish the cell-line and store it
for rest of the year are all-inclusive to this fee.

Next, after a viable cell-line has been established, we simply
need to coordinate synchronizing recipients and producing the
cloned embryos to put in them. This usually takes about 3 weeks
to set-up. There is an up-front cost and a per embryo produced &
transferred fee.

Contact Us today for further inquiries, prices and available dates.
Cloning Services