Why should you hire a consultant?

If you have ever wondered if you are making good decisions, if you are
contemplating decisions that will affect your bottom line, or if you know that
you need help gathering information to be able to make
better decisions,
then you would benefit from hiring a consultant.

How do you know which consultant to hire?

Most consultants offer a free consultation and / or evaluation but may
require reimbursement of travel expenses, if necessary. This gives you an
opportunity to do your own evaluation of whether the consultant can actually
help you. If not, they may be able to refer you to the right person who can.
You should provide the consultant with enough information that he or she
will be able to help you set clear goals, benchmarks, and evaluation criteria.
A good consultant will have a talent for problem solving, will put measures
into place that can prevent the problem(s) from occurring again, and will
implement follow-up and contingency plans.

What types of consulting does Ovitra Biotechnology do?

If you look around this web-site long enough, you will learn what type of
expertise and experience we have. Below are some of the specific areas of
consulting in which we are completely qualified and have vast experience:

1. Reproductive Endocrinology, Physiology, & Embryology

  • female reproductive endocrinology (FSH, LH, GnRH, E2, P4)
  • estrus & follicular wave synchronization (for AI or ET, using
    endogenous and/or exogenous hormones)
  • embryology (embryo development, morphology, quality, kinetics)
  • in vivo embryo techniques (embryo recovery, transfer,
    cryopreservation, & micromanipulation including splitting, biopsy, &
    assisted hatching; AI with fresh & frozen sexed-sorted sperm)
  • in vitro embryo techniques (oocyte recovery, in vitro maturation &
    fertilization, & embryo culture; micromanipulation techniques; IVF with
    sexed-sorted sperm)
  • in vivo embryo product development (collection catheters, tubing
    sets, filters, & plasticware; embryo media & solutions for collection,
    holding, cryopreservation)
  • in vitro embryo product development (oocyte recovery probes,
    handles, & needle guides for ultrasound-guided OPU; needles,
    tubing, & collection vessels; embryo media for oocyte handling,
    maturation, & fertilization, & embryo culture; microfluidics)

2. Research & Experimental Design

Academic institutions, private companies, ET businesses, and even cattle
producers all have science-based research questions. As an independent
consultant, we can provide unique and valuable insight into forming the right
hypothesis (to ask and answer the appropriate research questions),
choosing the correct experimental design, selecting observation parameters
& techniques, data collection & oversight, data & statistical analyses, and
presentation of results & conclusions. Research is expensive, so it's best to
get it right the first time.

3. Database Management Implementation / Software Development

Since 1988, Dr. Lindsey has worked with several different software
programmers, developing software solutions for the ET industry.
Applications include embryo & semen inventory, IVF embryo production, &
conventional ET database management packages. He continues to serve as
a Beta-tester for M
OFA Global's Herd Vision embryo database system and
can help
your integrate computer database systems into your own program.

4. Technology Feasibility Assessments

In this fast-paced, dynamic age of new innovations and technology
advancements, it might be easy to be lured into adapting some new product
or procedure without knowing the "rest of the story" or whether there's
something better out there. It has been Brad's job for many years, working
for his previous employers, to scan the horizon and select the best set of
products and techniques available and then adapt them
at the right time
into a package that is feasible, both, financially and practically.
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