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Some years ago, Dr. Lindsey was asked by another practitioner,
"If I broke my arm, could you service my clients?"  Since then,
real situations like that have actually arisen and he has been able
to help other practitioners for a day, a week, or even longer.

Logistics and scheduling and many unforeseen events may
require an extra practitioner or lab technician. Dr. Lindsey is able
to collect, freeze, thaw, micromanipulate and transfer embryos
and perform ultrasonography in almost any environment and / or
work situation required.

What Are Our Qualifications?

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Testimonials from some of our Clients & Customers.

What Are the Benefits to Using an "Outside" Practitioner?

We stay in touch with the industry in a real way, performing embryo
transfer services on a weekly basis
AND by networking with other experts
in the field. We are able, therefore, to assess common problems in our
own R&D facility, thus making our efforts there broader in scope.
Ultimately, therefore, this allows us to implement novel, yet
solutions into your practice without the high-cost or bias of internal R&D.

Futhermore, if a practitioner is interested in implementing any advanced
reproductive technologies they do not presently utilize, these can be
consulted or even "tried" at the same time of performing contract ET work.

What About Client Confidentiality & / or Your Competitors?

All relief work done by Ovitra is considered confidential, the same as any
professional client-patient relationship. Your customers will remain your
customers and as far as they are concerned, are serviced by you. No
discussion of the work done by Ovitra will ever be disclosed to your
competition, unless authorized by you in writing.

How Do I Schedule Contract ET Work & How Much Will It Cost?

If you anticipate needing Contract ET service work, the contact us
immediately to book the date(s). It's better to be on stand-by than not at
all. Obviously, scheduling
unforeseen problems is impossible, but when
they do, call and we will make every effort to accommodate the work.

Typically, pricing contract or relief ET work is done on a simple per diem
basis plus expenses, dependent upon the length of the day and whether
we're using your supplies and equipment or ours. We also have a mobile
lab with generator power and can travel almost anywhere.

We will entertain any proposal because, in the end, everyone needs to
be satisfied with a job well and efficiently done.

         Make Ovitra your ET Service Hotline!

Contact Us today for a fee schedule and available dates.
Contract ET Services