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PROBLEM SOLVING is our business. TRAINING is
just ONE STEP in that process. We make a dedicated
effort to FIRST learn from you, before we initiate
any training, by following this list of opportunities:

  1. Phone & E-Mail (Q&A, assessment, discussions)
  2. Documentation (reports, publications, manuals)
  3. Site-Visits & Professional Consulting
  4. Group Training Seminars, Workshops, & Schools
  5. Private Training Courses
  6. Field Data & Applied Research (privatized R&D)
  7. Technology Transfer Projects (implementation)

EDUCATION is the cornerstone philosophy of how to
put the customer's needs above our own.

That may sound like a cliché, but we believe that you will
be better served if you have the opportunity to learn
everything you can about ALL the topics that are relevant
to your needs. Dr. Lindsey's father was a County Extension
Agent and that model is his approach:

  • You Talk - We Listen. Tell us what the present
    situation is with YOUR knowledge, resources,
    management, technology, problems and goals.

  • We Assess - You Decide. We will assimilate all of the
    practical information we can after a thorough analysis
    of your needs, then we will disseminate any new
    material or relevant observations to you. Then, you
    can decide exactly what material you need to learn or
    technology you need to implement AND which
    approach will be the best for YOU !

  • We Train - You Learn. Once we know what piece(s)
    of information or technology needs to be taught or
    implemented, the best training method(s) will be
    matched to suit your situation and your learning style:
  • Visual - Printed material, pictures, presentations,
    videos, demonstrations, or other visual material.
  • Audible - Phone dialogue, face-to-face
    discussions, seminars,  presentations, or other
    audio material.
  • Tactile - Hands-on demonstrations, workshops,
    tours, laboratory &/or chute-side training

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Training & Education