Who Is Ovitra Biotechnology?

Brad R. Lindsey, PhD
Owner, CEO

Brad received his BS in Ag Economics in 1982 and a MAgr in
Animal Science in 1984, both from Texas A&M University. He
then worked 8 years for Granada Corporation in the Equine
Services & Genetics Divisions, where his duties included  
collection, transfer, freezing, thawing, splitting & biopsy of
embryos, early pregnancy detection & fetal sexing with
ultrasound. In 1991, Brad helped Aloka design a trans-vaginal
ultrasound probe for bovine oocyte recovery, allowing
Granada to become the first company in the USA to
commercialize in vitro production of bovine embryos. In 1992,
Brad began commercial IVF services for Trans Ova Genetics.

In 1998, Lindsey completed a PhD in Animal Science, studying
Reproductive Endocrinology under Dr. Jim Kinder at the
University of Nebraska-Lincoln. He subsequently held positions
with Stroud Veterinary Embryo Services, AB Technology, Inc.
(now Bioniche), Minitube of America, Genetic Resources Int’l
and OvaGenix, LP, where he conducted ET services, product
development, research, consulting, and training. In 2005,
Brad started his own consulting business, Rex Consulting,
which was incorporated in 2008 as Ovitra Biotechnology.

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American Embryo Transfer Association Certified
International Embryo Transfer Society Freeze Code: E1687

Jane H. Pryor, MS
Consultant, Embryology

Jane received a BS in Animal Science with an Associate’s
degree as an animal technician registered (ATR) from Sul Ross
State University (SRSU) in Alpine, Texas.  She spent the next
year working as an animal technician at the Alpine Veterinary
Clinic before going on to finish her MS degree at SRSU in
1984.  Pryor was immediately employed by Granada Genetics
where her duties included bovine embryo freezing, splitting,
sexing, IVF and cloning. Jane was instrumental in Granada’s
efforts to commercialize the cloning of cattle and became the
first technician in the USA to do so. As a result, she wrote the
first training manual in bovine embryo nuclear transfer and
trained all personnel involved.  

From 1996-1999, Pryor was lab director for Ultimate Genetics,
who in 1998 partnered with Cyagra and Advanced Cell
Technology to produce the first transgenic cloned calves.  In
1999, she was employed as a research associate at Texas
A&M University where she played a key role in cloning the first
cat and Boer goat.  In 2001, Jane became self-employed,
working as a private consultant for several ET companies
(TransOva Genetics, OvaGenix, Brazos Valley Genetics, Ovitra
Biotechnology), as well as other private institutions and
Universities, including TAMU-Reproductive Sciences Lab (RSL).