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Below are some testimonials from a few of our Contract ET Service
clients for whom we perform embryo transfer services for
customers. This type of service requires the highest degree of
training, flexibility and professionalism, including client confidentiality.

“We have used Dr. Lindsey’s (contract) ET service, filling in as needed to
service our clients. His reproductive knowledge and commitment to the
customer is second to none. We will not hesitate to call on him in the future.”

                         - Charles R. Looney, PhD / OvaGenix, LP

“Ovitra provides a quality and professional service.”

                         - Harley Schneider, PhD / Precise Genetics

“Brad has helped us on several occasions with various techniques: Embryo
Sexing and PCR, DFR, and Fetal Sexing. He is knowledgeable and
professional. More importantly…his focus remains PRACTICAL!”

                         - Richard Whitaker, DVM / New England Genetics

“Brad Lindsey is not only an experienced ET practitioner, he has vision and
insights into the industry that are invaluable when it comes to new applied
reproductive technologies. In addition, his experience and accuracy with
ultrasound makes him extremely valuable as an ET team member”.

                         - Brad Stroud, DVM / Stroud Vet Embryo Services

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