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Private courses can be offered to any individual or to any sized group. This
way, the training can be customized to match the individual participant's need
regarding location, breed type, level(s) of experience as well as the duration
required to learn the material, which typically includes lecture, discussion,
demonstration and hands-on formats

Where are the Training Courses Conducted?

In reality, anywhere you want them. We can go to any location, domestic or
foreign, as long there are suitable facilities to accomplish the training goals.
Otherwise, we use a the clinical facilities at
Advanced Genetic Services, or
Mid-Tex Livestock Receiving Pens, Madisonville, TX.


Courses in Bovine Embryo Transfer Methods:
  • Estrus Synchronization for AI and / or ET
  • Donor & Recipient Management
  • Superovulation, Embryo Collection & Transfer
  • Embryology (Prep, Searching, Handling, Freezing, Thawing)
  • Embryo Database Management (Record Systems, Software)
  • Embryo Micromanipulation (Splitting, Biopsy, & Assisted Hatching)
  • Embryo Gender Determination (Embryo Sexing through PCR)
  • In Vitro Fertilzation (Maturation, Fertilization, & Culture)

Courses in Bovine Ultrasonography:
  • Reproductive Anatomy & Ovarian Follicular Dynamics
  • Pregnancy Detection & Fetal Sexing
  • Dominant Follicle & Cyst Removal, & Oocyte Recovery (OPU)

For Courses in Artificial Insemination (AI) & Palpation:

Course Fees & Duration

Private Training Course fees are quoted individually so the cost will
typically depend upon the complexity of course content, previous
experience or training, duration of course, required course materials
(facilities, animals, equipment, consumable supplies, etc.).

Some courses can be done in 1-2 days (e.g. ultrasound courses),
others may require up to one week (embryology or embryo collection),
and some may require several weeks (e.g. IVF techniques). Hard
copies of training course materials are always included.

Ovitra Biotechnology today for rate quotes, availability, or to
schedule individualized training courses.
Private Training Courses